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Tell me what you did at this job.

3 Answers

This was extremely helpful I've the opportunity to take the test at arcelor mittal in burns harbor I'm so nervous how much do they start for utility person position

Did they ever reach back out to you I just took my sandbag test Monday wondering when will I know something

I was called last year to take the sandbag test. They never contacted me until 2 months later and said they can not offer me further encouragement at this time but feel free to apply again. Does this mean I failed the test?? Anyway I just took the pan test again and got called for the sandbag test. Any pointers?

Name a time when you got into an argument with somebody. How did you resolve it?

2 Answers

I was asked to remember three random words at the beginning of the interview. About a half hour later I was Asked what those three words were.

1 Answer

You are asked by your supervisor to perform a task you have never done before. It is urgent, and your supervisor does not give you any details about the task, only asks you to complete it.

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Just to introduce our selves nothing hard

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How did i find out about the company

1 Answer

Describing difficult work situations both pysically demanding, and a demand on your time with rotating shifts and mandatory overtime. They ask if you can do these things.

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Are you comfortable working in extreme cold and extreme hot climates?

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What do you know about U.S. Steel?

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Have you ever been in this situation? If so explain.

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