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How I resolved a conflict with another co worker.

1 Answer

Had trouble recalling one.

questions come from the skit about a guy Jamie that has a hard time fitting into the new job there and you trained him so you have to make him fit in and train him based off SOP and company policy without making him fill like he is not doing a good job

1 Answer

Describe a time you were required to meet a quota.

1 Answer

Describe the top three duties you did at your last manufacturing job.

1 Answer

Describe a process you suggested be changed or improved at your last job. How did it work out? Was this just your idea or someone else's? Who brought the idea to managment?

1 Answer

Some very technical questions...clearly they hoped for someone with substantial technical expertise.

question comes from second part of the skit about Pat your supervisor that is out of the office and finds out that your line that your in charge of had to close done and lose production the rest of the day due non communication.

1 Answer

wher do you expect to be in five years

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