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If your house was on fire, what would be the top 3 things you would grab from the burning home?

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Loaded question. They'll use it to judge you by *their* standards, which may differ from your own. For instance, if you say "pets, husband, purse" they will think that you value superficial stuff over human (not realizing that husbands can get their own self out but pets need help, and if you have your purse/wallet, you can at least call your insurance company and get a room for the night). I bet some interviewers would like to see "my Bible" in that list.

What would you do if irate customer called you regarding his/her insurance plan coverage?

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Where do you see your self at the Hartford in 5 years?

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Salary requirements

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Lets role play an actual phone call to a provider....

Basic information on prior experience. Included questions to see your approach to handling specific problems

What did you do, as a nurse, that changed the outcome of a patient's care for the better, besides your regular routine care.

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