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Ux designer Interview Questions

"When interviewing for a UX design position, be prepared to speak to your design process, preferences, and project experience. Employers are looking for candidates that can adapt their company's brand aesthetic in a way that provides a satisfying experience for their users. Be ready to answer questions about your ability to work closely with engineers and project managers as well as your knowledge of graphic design programs, web development, and user interface design."

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why ux designer

2 Answers

cus its cool

Hi, as a Google employee, I’ve created an interview prep guide that got many people into Google, based on my and my friends' interview experiences. You can find it here: interviewjoy.com/services/interview-process-details/google-manager-interview-questions-answers/ (please do not forget to check the reviews on that page to read my customers' comments). Good luck!

They do a thorough job of preparing you with providing a range of questions as well as describing the format in which they'd like them answered.

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Why do you want to work at Microsoft?

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Portfolio presentation

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The challenge was very different from the job description and interview questions

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if you dont have a lot of vertical screen real estate, and you want the user to pick their privacy settings with the options of Public or Privacy, how would you show it?

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Can we talk tomorrow instead of today.

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Why would you even make this? (Granted I’m doing free work for you, for all I know goTenna could rip off test projects, beware!)

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How do you react when you receive a feedback about your design?

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They asked if I was willing to do monotonous tasks.

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