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UX Designer Interview Questions

"When interviewing for a UX design position, be prepared to speak to your design process, preferences, and project experience. Employers are looking for candidates that can adapt their company's brand aesthetic in a way that provides a satisfying experience for their users. Be ready to answer questions about your ability to work closely with engineers and project managers as well as your knowledge of graphic design programs, web development, and user interface design."

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The challenge was very different from the job description and interview questions

2 Answers

I answered honestly, and did not expect my work to be implemented for free.

Weird, I interview a while back and the same thing happened to me except it was for a different project but still related to the site. Really shady. Wouldn't trust a company like that.

Walk me through a case study in your portfolio.

Can you give an example of a situation where you needed to build rapport with someone, and how you went about doing that?


1 Answer

Tell me about one project.

1 Answer

How do you feel about native mobile versus mobile web in terms of the user experience

What experience do you have with user research?

1 Answer

1. Pick a (digital) product you love. 2. Pick something would improve about that service. 3. How would you go about defining & designing the solution?

1 Answer

How would I design a dashboard for analytic data.

1 Answer

They asked me to critique an ongoing project that they had received from their design firm.

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