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Interview questions in Valencia, CA

Six Flags Interviews in Valencia /  HQ: Grand Prairie, TX

48 Interviews in Valencia (of 557)

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Boston Scientific Interviews in Valencia /  HQ: Marlborough, MA

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Macy's Interviews in Valencia /  HQ: Cincinnati, OH

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Interview Questions in Valencia

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Do I know Word, Excel, SAS, PowerPoint?

1 Answer

This came from the data manager. Yes.

"Why should we hire you?"

1 Answer

It was just a comment...dealing with my maturity (age, basically) wherein they simply (not offensively) mentioned that this position was ideal for a person of a certain achieved "maturity".

1 Answer

Why do you want this job?

1 Answer

What is your weakest personality trait?

1 Answer

What do you like about Halloween?

1 Answer

What do you do when 2 customers start fighting and throwing punches? What should I do?

1 Answer

Do you have a problem with cleaning?

1 Answer

Tell me how you would set up a shared folder. Explain the difference between folder permissions and share permissions. How would you troubleshoot a problem with an Executive's email if no one else was available? Can you configure a router? Can you configure a firewall? Have you worked with MPLS?

1 Answer

Did you play any sports in High School? Were you any good? What is your dream car, and why? What do you like about living in this area? Tell me about your hobbies and interests, outside of work. Do you consider yourself a compassionate person?

1 Answer
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