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Interview questions in Valencia, CA

Six Flags Interviews in Valencia /  HQ: Grand Prairie, TX

60 Interviews in Valencia (of 650)

1.4 Very Easy

Boston Scientific Interviews in Valencia /  HQ: Marlborough, MA

14 Interviews in Valencia (of 369)

2.7 Average

Macy's Interviews in Valencia /  HQ: Cincinnati, OH

10 Interviews in Valencia (of 6,759)

2.6 Easy

Interview Questions in Valencia

How can you handle stress?

1 Answer

Sorting, bit operations, hardware peripherals (I2C, uart, etc)

Tell me about a time you had a conflict with a customer.

When the interview took place there not many questions, they asked. Sure, the fundamental question tells me about yourself was asked. However, it was more like why you wouldn't want to work there. The reason why I say that no scenarios or improvements what contributions I could make. All in all, I would have to say that this is one of the worst interviews I've ever had to participate.

Type of environment you enjoy.

1 Answer

RTOS, firmware related, Battery ADC circuit, medical device design question, coding, it was so stupid to code side by side with interview on the small laptop, why didn't code online before onsite if Medtronic considers this is important?

How to trouble shoot a problem, my abilities, how to handle grumpy people, and much more! I applied for a senior lead position then was told it would be for a tech 4 position 2nd shift. Then was told I would be the only tech on the shift, you could imagine the responsibility! Ive been a hands on manager for years and didnt mind the title as long as I was being compensated for all my skills and certs, in highly skilled and can do everything and anything thats put in front of me yet this company is unprofessional and don't have the decency to send an email that they had decided to go in a different direction!

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