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What would you do if you can tell someone has been drinking, and they want you to go get their car for them so that they can drive it home?

3 Answers

Refer to company policy.

Try to delay customer long enough in order to notify management to deal with issue.

i struggled with this question as well. I spent at least 5 minutes deliberating (out loud) with myself the correct course of action. The manager mentioned I was overthinking and I hesitantly said, "You feelin' ok to drive?" I was offered a position the next day.

How would you treat a customer who is angry?

2 Answers

What does customer service mean to you?

1 Answer

What are you strengths and weaknesses?

1 Answer

Can you make it to work on time and be consistent and reliable?

2 Answers

Why here?

1 Answer

What would make you leave this job?

1 Answer

How would you handle an obnoxious guest?

1 Answer

How much experience I had in customer experience.

1 Answer

Most difficult question was why do you want to work here.

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