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Valet Attendant was asked...August 14, 2015

Do you know how to drive manual? When are you able to start working? Have you work in a parking system before?

5 Answers

Yes I do now how to drive manual

I'm ready to start as soon as possible

yes asap no

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Ace Parking

What would you do if you can tell someone has been drinking, and they want you to go get their car for them so that they can drive it home?

3 Answers

Refer to company policy.

i struggled with this question as well. I spent at least 5 minutes deliberating (out loud) with myself the correct course of action. The manager mentioned I was overthinking and I hesitantly said, "You feelin' ok to drive?" I was offered a position the next day. Less

Try to delay customer long enough in order to notify management to deal with issue. Less

Parking Management Company

Do you have good customer service?

3 Answers

Are you able to run and stand for an 8 hour period?

Yes I have good customer service

Yes I have good customer service

Asbury Automotive

They asked if I could multi-task.

3 Answers

Regarding the question, could I multi-task, I said, "Due to my previous position as a dispatcher, I had to absorb information from multiple clients in a short span of time and then sort the information and organize it from most urgent, least-tasking, most time-consuming, etc. so in conclusion, yes I am very adept to multi-tasking especially in stressful environments. Less

Of course there will be at times when a painter is expected to have several R.O.'s going on simultaneously. Less

What type of drug test was it? Pee or hair? Also, was marijuana one of their prohibited substances? Less

Four Star Valet

Can you run

2 Answers




Whether I could drive all vehicles and transmission types or not

2 Answers

Yes. Even though several employees that had been there for years could only drive automatic cars. Less

Yes I can

Royal Parking (NC)

Do you have a valid NC License?

2 Answers



717 Parking

I was told by the initial HR interviewer I seemed too serious and did not smile enough. She also kept repeating the days/hours required becuase, according to her, they do not like spouses upset by their employees hours. She repeated twice even after I said that was not an issue.

2 Answers

Initially waited for a half hour to start interview even though I had an appointment. Initial HR interviewer was the one who seemed cold and unfriendly. She had to get up and leave the interview three times to go ask the regional manager answers to my questions. She then wanted me to meet the regional manager for an interview. Waited another half hour. He did seem nice and I could of worked for him. Then I was aksed to meet Jason, one of the founding brothers and president. I complied, and waited an hour and a half to meet this guy. He seemed very distracted and did not really seem that interested in what I had to say. He said I would have to work 60 hours/week until I got things up and running. Suddenly the salary did not seem so good. They had not even hired anyone for an operation that was supposed start in three weeks and would require around 15 employees. Less

What was the Salary?

Pechanga Resort & Casino

Can you drive stick?

2 Answers


When and how was the drug test?

Ace Parking
Valet was asked...September 9, 2010

How would you treat a customer who is angry?

2 Answers

With respect and meet whatever needs they have.

Listen politely and offer solutions if I am able or direct them to someone who can help them resolve their issues. Less

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