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I cannot remember

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Tell me about a time where you had to notify a supervisor about a failure.

Write a PERL script to find a certain key word in a text file. Solid state electronics questions. Questions about latches and flipflops Basic VERILOG coding questions. Basic C coding questions - (Write a function that accepts 3 numbers and returns the highest 2- this was one of the best questions in the interview, asked by a more experienced engineer)

How do you know a hand valve is closed.

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Mainly technical questions and some stress handling questions. Kind of mimic Google's interview.

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The only things that were somewhat difficult is when I was asked detailed questions about computer architecture concepts I had little experience with. For example, I was asked to explain out-of-order instruction execution. This is something I am familiar with at a high level, but have never had direct experience with, and in fact, it wasn't a direct requirement for the job. Overall, the interviewers were just asking me questions about their area of expertise even though expertise in that area wasn't required for the job I interviewed for. I found this a bit strange.

solve a puzzle

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Write a class that can read or write to memory addresses of any attached peripheral.

given rand(4) function,write code for rand(9) so that the random numbers are generated with equal probability. write a function to determine pow(x,n) find an element in a rotated sorted array. rotate a linked list. merge sort a linked list. any sorting algorithm Assume you don't have a multiplication operator.Now write a power function.

I was asked to write everything I know about the wireless protocols (802.11) on the whiteboard and then questioned on various pieces of it.

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