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Google has 300 servers around the world. Servers are failing about 1 every month. How would you go about debugging the failure?? That's great, good answer. The failure is actually random. Nothing you've tried is able to duplicate the failure exactly the same. How do you approach this?? Another good answer. Now, what do you think is actually the cause of these failures?

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The only things that were somewhat difficult is when I was asked detailed questions about computer architecture concepts I had little experience with. For example, I was asked to explain out-of-order instruction execution. This is something I am familiar with at a high level, but have never had direct experience with, and in fact, it wasn't a direct requirement for the job. Overall, the interviewers were just asking me questions about their area of expertise even though expertise in that area wasn't required for the job I interviewed for. I found this a bit strange.

What is the advantages and disadvantages for using Domino gates?

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Knowledge of Specifications and ability to apply the content to doc development and execute

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