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Name five things you can change about yourself

Have you ever help start a new process in work that helped improve the office?

Do you have any accounting experience? Do you have 10 key touch experience?

Do you have a military background? How you feel about working in an armed facility? Why did you leave your last job?

How do you handle an employee who is not doing well in work? What if they are not responding to your help?

What is it that you would like to do if you had the choice? This is hard to answer if you have not gone to school for TV or Film. Think about this long and hard, that way you have a direction to go in, and most likely won't get lost in the beginning.

Phone interview: Recruiter read job description and asked if it was something I was interested in. Recruiter explained the hours and the pay and asked if I was ok with that (the hours and pay were in the job posting so I wasn't surprised). He asked two questions regarding specific experience I had related to the job description. Recruiter then asked if I wanted to add anything to our conversation. Phone interview last 10 minutes.

what do you think about ethics in the workplace?

In person interview: Did a walk-through of the area I’d be working in with a quick explanation of the various processes (this took about 8 minutes). Then went to an office for the actual interview. The manager described the work environment, the position and what I could expect in terms of a career path. Then I was asked 3 general interview questions: Tell me about a time you experienced this...Tell me about a time you had to go above and beyond in the workplace... Tell me about a time you had to do this.... Standard questions which were not hard (took about 12 minutes).

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