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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

2 Answers

I hate this question because I don't know where I'll be in 5 years. You want to say something about contributing to the company but I'm honestly not sure if I'll still be here in 5 years.

I want to move from cubical to cabins.

Cover your basic behavioral questions and you will be fine (e.g. what is a difficult work situation and how did you overcome it)

1 Answer

Describe a time you had to work with a diverse group of individuals to meet a common goal.

Describe an incident in which you had to convey bad news to a superior. How did you handle the situation? How did your superior respond?

Q: Describe a time when you were asked to be a leader and you didn't want to be.

Think of a time when you had to give someone critical feedback.

Tell me about a time when you worked in a team with a difficult team member.

Can you tell me about a time when you had to work past a cultural difference to solve a problem?

Tell me about a time when you were not recognized for you achievements or not gotten the attention you deserved.

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