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1. Build the CERNER tree 2. Reverse string 3. Binary search 4. How do you find and fix a bug

12 Answers

How many interviews did you have? How long was each interview?

1st phone interview was 30mins, hr round. 2nd was supposed to be 30 mins technical round, but it finally took an hour. On-site interviews include 2 30-min rounds.

Can you tell me when was your interview? Its been almost two weeks I haven't heard from them

Write the BST for the word "CERNER"

10 Answers

Nothing to be frank. Go through all the questions posted here! Be prepared for a lot of behavioral questions.

8 Answers

Same questions as can be found on Glassdoor. Just talk out what you're thinking, and try to be expansive on the testing stuff... cover lots of ground (the input could be Null, Negative, 0, Super Large or Super Small, an odd character, etc. etc.)

7 Answers

None. ALL the questions asked were from earlier posts.

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Nothing unexpected, be sure about the basics of BST, String reversals and be thorough with what's on your resume ! Communication matters. Practice behavioral using STAR(or SAR) method if you are not too confident ...

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very straight forward questions already present on glassdoor

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Lots of behavior questions, many of those are on Glassdoor.

4 Answers

There was none. Just go through the questions here and it'll be easy

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Unexpected but easy still -- What is code coverage?

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