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Describe a time where you used data to increase profitability?

Describe a time when you hired someone and it didn't turn out as expected and how did you handle that?

Standard case study questions: You are buying 'xyz' product at 'abc' discount, the quantity is 'qrx', at 'mono' price, would you buy this product?

Describe a time when you received difficult criticism and how you handled it

There are always entities (vendors/authors/publishers) that don't want to do business with Amazon. What data would you use to help convince the entity to do business with us?

None-disclosure signed ahead- it is necessary to know the daily job of positions well

Why do you think you would succeed in this company?

Explain the pros and cons of the Amazon Prime shipping program.

Q: Each interviewing has 2-4 leadership principles that they orient their questions.

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