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PDVSA Interviews in Venezuela /  HQ: Caracas, VE

29 Interviews in Venezuela (of 37)

2.8 Average

Procter & Gamble Interviews in Venezuela /  HQ: Cincinnati, OH

16 Interviews in Venezuela (of 3,862)

3.5 Difficult

Empresas Polar Interviews in Venezuela /  HQ: Caracas, VE

12 Interviews in Venezuela (of 14)

3.1 Average

Interview Questions in Venezuela

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¿If you were an object, which one would you want to be and which one you wouldn't be? Same question with an animal.

3 Answers

I would be a piano, but I never want to be a toilet

Because it carry you anywhere, has the control of all its parts but obey o the owner

A Car..

Do you agree to work for free for six moths?

2 Answers

tell me a situation when you have to be a leader

2 Answers

What is your experience in fisheries processing? How do you think you can build a fish factory? Do you agree on the construction of factories for the processing of river and sea fish? from your point of view? How can you contribute to CORPIVENSA for the development of the country? What represents for you the possibility of working in a company that has the faculty of building factories ???

1 Answer

Very experience-related questions

1 Answer

years of teaching

1 Answer

Describe significant experience in previous jobs

1 Answer

What do you know about motors, electrical boards, Power distribution, automation, MS-Office?

1 Answer

if i had previous knowlege about CISCO system

1 Answer

Can you really read, write and speak English as good as you claim?

1 Answer
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