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JPMorgan Chase & Co
Vice President - Branch Manager was asked...August 30, 2015

Why Chase?

2 Answers

Did you get the job with that answer?

Reputation, benefits, career growth, company trajectory.

PNC Financial Services Group

Why did you want to leave your current job

1 Answers

do you use coaching

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Tell about a time when you had a dissatisfied customer and how you handled the situation

1 Answers

I once had a couple come into the Pet Store I was managing, they were very upset about a puppy they had purchased, after talking with them I realized that they had purchased the puppy from our Louisville location but had come to my location in Evansville when they could get no help from the location they purchased at, I made a few calls first to the other store then to our corporate office and finally to the breeder of the sick puppy. After being told numerous times that there was nothing that could be done to help them by the Louisville store, through persistence and the willingness to help I not only was able to get them a replacement puppy but the breeder also agreed to return half of the purchase price. They remained customers of my store even though we were 2+ hrs apart and when I left that company and went to a completely different business they became my customers there as well and have became close family friends. Less


The typical; What's your biggest weakness?

1 Answers

I always turn this question into a positive past weakness and explain how I overcame such weakness. Use your previous experience scenario to answer this one. Less

I was not considered for promotion but create a new position and responsibility for me. After 20 years accepted with increase in salary and benefits. Ie: car allowance upgrade

1 Answers

Accepted... But was never really happy as Sr Mgmt supported but did not have technical expertise to move forward. Less

OneWest Bank

What made your previous role complex and how do you work through challenges outside of your control?

1 Answers

This is a very subjective question but essentially they are trying to figure out if you can handle working in a slower branch banking environment. Less

Electric Pump

Your age is an issue, are you planning to retire soon after starting this job?

1 Answers

I intend to work for years to come, with experience comes value. I enjoy my career and will enjoy it for many years to come. Less

Nations Roof

Why do you want to leave your current job?

Union Bank

How would you coach a partner that you work with?

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Chase is big on customer service, so most of the question were based on that. It's a bank a very large bank so we talked about money, how to keep people safe, and what it would look like to work as a BM for Chase.

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