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Spirit of Texas Bank
Vice President - Commercial Lending was asked...December 6, 2019

All of the questions that were asked during my phone conversation with James Barkley as well as my interview questions with the hiring managers of David Monk & John Mills were neither difficult or unexpected. I have been in the Banking Profession for over Twenty Five (25) Years and I can honestly say that this process was by far the smooth and most professional I have ever experienced in my career.

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Straightforward, honest & completely at ease. At no time did I have the impression that the team was not being completely honest and to the contrary everyone, James, David & John went out of their way to ensure that I was clear on all of there answers to every question I proposed during our time together. The support has continued well after my start date. My recruiter has followed up with me for the purpose of ensuring that everything has gone smooth & to emphasis both himself and HR as always available to aid or assist me both during and after my transition. Less

First Cornerstone Bank

Why did you leave your last bank?

1 Answers

It was not full time; only as a Consultant

Seamen’s Bank


1 Answers

Based on my my Resume and more detailed Experience Summary

Robert Half

The client is looking for someone with 15-20 years experience. I see that you're 48. The client doesn't want to hire anyone over 35-40.

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How can someone have 15-20 years experience and a college degree and not be over 40? Less

Old Second National Bank

How did I feel about calling on larger size companies.

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I did not express a lack of willingness to call on larger companies but was candid that it would take some time to develop prospects due to the need to re-tool my current referral sources. Going into the interview they knew the size companies I was already servicing and the niche I have made for myself. The value that I would bring a prospective employer is a current customer base and strong centers of influence. If the larger size company niche is what the prospective employer was looking to hire for, I probably was not the right candidate for an immediate transfer of customers. It is possible the perfect candidate was not out there and the level of interest in me was exploratory to see if I thought I could transition at a faster pace. I prefer to take a more honest approach and chose not to just respond to something they wanted to hear. Less

Fifth Third

I was asked how I would underwrite a specific property, how I would review the specific asset, cash flow of property, debt service coverage, review the borrower's financial capability, presentation of the transaction. I gave straightforward answers to this with minimal questioning as I covered the bases. I asked about size of deals and quality of deals to be considered.

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I gave both interviewers as to how I would underwrite the sample commercial real estate, cash flow analysis, debt service coverage, loan to value ratio. I stated that I would ask to see the borrower's prior years tax returns, review of the leases in place or pending, I would ask to see historical property operating history and cash flow analysis. I would price the interest rate based on an appropriate risk spread over prevailing safe rate ( either LIBOR or interest rate swap spreads ) to determine targeted interest rate to be charged. I would determine if the borrower were interested in a fixed or variable rate depending on their needs and requirements. Issues regarding a one-time transfer due to sale of the property and/ or assumablility to a suitable borrower (meeting minimal qualifications), defeasance etc, loan term etc would be discussed. All of this would relate directly to the bank's available lending programs. Less

Pathway Lending

What kind of movie role are you?


One of the good questions I was asked was to evaluate their competitors and outline which one I would most want to work for and why.


Tell me about your previous experience in commercial lending.


Why should we hire you ?

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