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The interview with the so-called CMO began awkwardly and without any pleasantries, its was almost as if he didn't want to do it. When I asked simple questions about their technology plans, his comment was, well those are product marketing questions and not appropriate for this interview. Humm we continued for another 15 minutes, and I felt like I was talking in another language, the language of enterprise computing that is. When he asked me how I would bring this new stack to market, I mentioned analyst groups, and the response was well analyst relations well that is owned by product marketing. I have brought many products to market including NetWeaver and know how to coordinate various teams in a large company. After 20 minutes I said I think this conversation is over and let's not waste any more time. He said in a condescending way, "well thank your sir for coming."

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Stay far away from this company unless you want pain. I heard this CMO complaining about firing someone before the interview on the phone. He was unprofessionally dressed and extremely arrogant and way out of his league. Coming from Adobe, it was obvious that he knew very little about enterprise computing, especially marketing. This was the first time in 25 years that I had walked out of an interview.

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Abilities to manage people and budgets, global teams.

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Presented with scenario and asked to react.

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How would I work with creators to showcase content at advertising roadshows? How would create an executive communications platform?

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What experience do you have with consumer communication

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Ambitions, ability to grow business, thought leadership (individual and company)

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It is clear the company really invests in its people and so they spend a lot of time ensuring that the candidate will be a good cultural fit. They wanted to know about my professional background and what I would bring to the company. In particular, they were seeking someone that had a mix of corporate and entrepreneurial experience.

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Cloaked questions meant to discover if you are willing to work around the clock.

What's the worst client management scenario you've faced and how did you handle it?

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