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Assistant Vice President - EIS Applications Developer III was asked...August 14, 2012

They did ask questions about a subject that was not part of the job or the process. I was not prepared to give an answer.

2 Answers

Did you simply get the job?

I simply stated that I did not have an answer for them at this time.

Deutsche Bank

SQL questions

1 Answers

i had interview with this manager and who couldn't even explain properly what his product does, he handles multiple products but seems he only knows one, also i am not sure how he is a manager n he can't do programing, he only asks questions base on SQL, not sure how he can make strategic technology decision Please train your 1st line managers who can communicate to their employees, managers needs to engage more with their team, few friends told their managers don't even talk with them. No career growth at this branch, if you choose to join, no growth available, managers don't know how to help you with your career aspiration. glad not working at this place. Less


Q. Garbage collectors - which one to use when. Q. Concurrency questions / program to write. Q. Java fundamentals - collection, abstract classes/interfaces, functional interfaces, unit testing in Java Q. Puzzles such as design a lift system Q. How to identify memory leaks, tune JVM for performance optimisation - provide examples how to achieve that.

1 Answers

I have cleared all rounds of technical interview (4 rounds) and gave last two interviews with CIO and HR. However HR / CIO found me that I might not be suitable for client facing and hence kept my profile on hold until they could interview someone else and find someone who can replace me. Eventually I was not offered the role even after clearing all technical rounds that lasted for weeks. Less


In a learning situation, what is the bet way to get a message across?

1 Answers

By using storytelling


If a program takes longer time to get the data from the DB the how would you speed up the time?

1 Answers

Placing the data in the memory

J.P. Morgan

Can you code?

1 Answers

Yes, and did a test


Are you able to plug in a computer

1 Answers

Yes - standard flexibility question. My role was much more senior than plugging in a computer but they want people who are able to go outside their job descriptions. Less


How to restrict controller methods in MVC.

IHS Markit

Implement a concurrent blocking queue

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