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Brought a case study style set of data and questions to the interview. Asked for a breakdown of the stagnating business that was much smaller than the candidate brief detailed. (1/5 smaller) Would have preferred an upfront explanation of the state and size of the business ahead of time.

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Gave a respectful but honest critique of the business as it was detailed to me including suggestions from an outsider of what I would tackle first, how to approach and with what parts of the organization and team. What was clear to me was much of what I would do would not be under my direct control.

How did you grow gross margin at your last job.

Describe in detail how you've dealt with difficult conversations and/or persuaded others who were resistant.

1. About myself 2. How would I be successful? 3. To pitch the company.

How can you convince professors who do not want to work with 2U that they should work with 2U?

Be prepared to be very specific on how you helped your past companies grow.

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