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The questions were not difficult. What was difficult was making a connection to the interviewer that would open the door to a more comfortable interview session. If you can't make that connection, chances are good that you won't get a positive review.

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You have to find some kind of common ground. Get the names in advance and do as much research on the person as you can (Google, LinkedIn, etc.), so that you can put them at ease. This will also let them know that you're no ordinary candidate who's just going through the motions. (Note: this is in regards to interviews with management, potential colleagues, etc.; not a recruiter.)

Describe your management style and what motivational or recogniztion programs you have personally implemented and what were the results?

What do you consider your development areas and how are you currently working on them? Please give real examples.

What is your experience relating to company role and performance expectations?

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How will you respond if a brother needs help with an emotional issue?

Describe past experiences and how those will apply to this job.

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