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Goldman Sachs
Investment Banking Vice President was asked...February 2, 2012

If you had 5 red balls that contained 4 red balls and those red balls contained the original 5 red balls, then how many sets of sets of balls would I take to have a double set of red balls of varying sizes inside each next largest red ball?

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@Interview Candidate: Please give a mathematical breakdown of your answer, as opposed to just expecting us to take your word for it. Less


Bank of America Merchant Services

There were no difficult questions. The types of questions were expected and general.

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With the encouragement and insistence of one of their team, I was asked to submit a resume. I was encouraged to interview for the position after phone conversations with the key decision maker. I spoke candidly and felt confident in my responses during the interview. I drove over an hour to meet for my initial face to face interview and made time for the follow up telephonic interviews. I thanked the team via email. A call or an email about the final decision would have been professional and courteous. I never heard back from them which reflects poorly on this organization. Less

B. Riley

No challenging questions.

1 Answers

Negative feedback from circle of investment banking network in Los Angeles.


Knowledge of multiples in my sector, particularly P/E multiples

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Gave examples of P/E multiples and non-listed (EV/EVITDA) multiples from my recent transactions and which I’m aware of from other broader transactions Less


Example of transactions and variety of deals.

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Must have experience to answer.

Veritex Community Bank

Would you rather develop business or be a leader?

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Be a leader.

Silvercreek Finance

Just general industry knowledge

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Ive been in the industry for over 15 years. It was easy


How do you draw up an IT Blueprint for the Bank if you are given the first assignment to do it if you are selected to be employed?

Silvercreek Finance

They do focus on personality and seem authentically interested in you making a good fit with the team

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