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Vice President Product Management was asked...August 24, 2022

Not a question, per se, but there were several discussions around vertical slicing of Features.

1 Answers

I learned that the product teams were organized around technology components, rather than user segments or value streams, so there was discussion around this. Less


(Based on actual events) How would you handle prioritization if you just published the product roadmap but then a client came to you with a new feature request?

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That's not a prioritization problem, that's a discovery problem. Why wasn't the client's request on the roadmap? Here's what I would do differently... Less

Rubicon Project

The most common question was, "Do you have any questions for us?"

1 Answers

I appreciated the opportunity to ask about the specifics of the role and how things work at the company. I didn't have to do all of the talking. It was 50/50. Less

JPMorgan Chase & Co

The usual - tell me about yourself, do you have certifications, do you have what it takes to work in a global distributed environment, etc.

1 Answers

explained about myself clearly but they keep asking the same questions in a different formats and I was consistent in letting them know that my answers didn't change. For rest of the questions, of course, I answered positively hence I got the assignment. Less


Are you willing to relocate to the NYC metro area?

1 Answers



The usual tell us about yourself and history.

1 Answers

No surprises here.

Crossover for Work

Multiple choice question like "How databases primary keys should be?"

1 Answers

Answered "Unique" and "Not-Nullable". Do you think that this is an appropriate question for an Executive role that is meant to be discussing multi-million dollar deals? Less


Walk me through your resume

1 Answers

Walked CEO through it


Standard product questions. Prioritization/investment decision process, motivate/mentor team.

1 Answers

Explained experiences I've had and my philosophies


Various strategic, managerial, and product questions corresponding to the executive level of the role.

1 Answers

This is an incredible company with award winning culture, great product, and strong people onboard. Less

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