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do you play golf?

3 Answers

depends on whom i'm playing with.

i didn't play goif this is because where i come from theirs no golf field

no a dint play golf since i have no one to play golf with.

1. How many people have you managed at your present work? What are the challenges you faced and how did you handle them?

2 Answers

Describe your IT accomplishments.

2 Answers

The interviewer stated that most of the team in Austin, TX (where the position is) was in their mid-twenties and stated that he thought I was too old to fit in the team.

1 Answer

What is my biggest strength ?

1 Answer

Describe the job title and responsibilities you are applying for

1 Answer

What would your short term goals for this position?

1 Answer

Why I wanna join

2 Answers

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There were a couple of questions about Unix admin. How you achieve certain things in Unix.

1 Answer

Would you be interested to speak with us regarding a great opportunity with Ally?

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