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How many bottles of shampoo are produced in the world a year?

25 Answers

Not enough, apparently.

Let's start with the US market: 300X10^6 people. About 60% use shampoo (others are bald or use soap). They go through about one bottle every two months, so that is about 1.8X10^9. Human population is about 6.6 X 10^9. As far as the undeveloped nations, most people don't use shampoo. The developed world is about four times the size of the US population or approximately 1.2 X 10^9. People in the US wash their hair more than in Europe, but I will neglect this. My estimate is about 5X10^9 bottles.

Enough to wash everyone's hair.

Choose a data structure to store the extracted words and their positions in a sentence and then bring the sentence back using any language you like. Writing code on paper.

2 Answers

How many bottles of shampoo used in hotels around the world

2 Answers

What would you do if you didn't have enough resources or time to complete?

1 Answer

Describe a time when you faced a challenge and how did you overcome it?

1 Answer

There was a gap in the time that I performed a role similar to the one described in the job listing which was ultimately the reason the interviewer gave for not matching me to the role.

1 Answer

An out of the box MBA business case for a project manager job described in detail above.

1 Answer

How to find the index and value of a missing element of an array of 5000 numbers

1 Answer

What do you think we could be doing better?

1 Answer

none where difficult. I was asked to design an elevator. next was to create an algorithm to predict how many sheets are needed to print a certain number of graphics.

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