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Your work is very masculine, how will you work to accommodate our style which is typically more feminine?

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As a designer my style works to match the projects needs. Additionally, my interest in this position is partially based on the opportunity to expand my experience and show that I can work in other styles.

One of the 1 on 1interviewers spent about 30 minutes explaining why he didn't like my work and went through each piece of my portfolio, picking apart each project at the pixel level. Told me up front that he didn't want me working there because I wasn't better than him and he only wanted people to work there who he aspired to be like.

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So explain your process when dealing with engineers who have their own way of interpreting your designs

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I don't think there were any difficult questions.

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What do you think of our current website?

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The hardest question I was asked was to choose 1 project to talk about in the interview. Having a portfolio that reflected 16 years of work, that was a challenging request to narrow this down.

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Why Kahuna?

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To describe a couple projects I was most proud of.

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To explain several big projects pertinent to the role in question. Often asking about how conundrums get solved, the various processes, people, and environment when moving something from concept to deployment.

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Have you ever worked in an agile environment?

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