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Was there ever a time you worked for a company and you saw someone doing something they shouldn't? What did you do?

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I talked about a previous internship in which the company I was interning at had told me to write fake customer reviews. (unsuccessful startup company) I answered that I did NOT write any reviews and reported them to my school's internship coordinator. While I got the internship, I almost wished I didn't give this answer. I feel like the right answer, and what I should have done, was to tell my boss at the company that I didn't feel right about doing that. For this question, I recommend coming up with an example in which you have done everything possible and everything right. If you can't think of something, state what you would do if you were in that situation.

There was no difficult question. The starting question was " tell me about yourself " and it led to conversation instead of Interview.

I was asked to do the internship after having two college courses with the Creative Director so she was already familiar with my work. No interview was given.

What skills / strengths do you think you will bring to the Design Team?

The design challenge was quite complex, and they were good about asking critical questions about my reasoning. But honestly, getting approved by their background checkers was the most challenging part.

It wasn't really difficult, or too unexpected. But what made me think the most was what I liked least about my previous job.

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