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Why do you want to be in the Hospice business?

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I said it was because I felt called by God to serve people. I do feel that way but I also could have given a better answer or elaborated on this calling of mine.

What I do during my free time.

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Tell us about yourself

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How would you deal with being in a meeting with the other "seasoned" employees and they don't want to hear your input? How would you assert yourself?

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I was asked questions for an Activity Manager position - the same as the questions were for a care associate position. It felt completely unprofessional and a waste of my time. Manager positions should have more specific questions

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The first question was "Why are you qualified for this position?" Not unexpected, but difficult to answer because I was new to the field. If I had not practiced this question a LOT, I would have had trouble selling my transferrable skills that early in the interview. However, this management team also appreciated honesty, and did have the ability to think outside the box.

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In what instance have you had to discipline a volunteer? How did you go about doing this and what was the result?

Describe a stressful/challenging time at work.

What are your overall career goals? What do you look for in a hiring manager?

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