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Reading Partners
Volunteer was asked...April 9, 2016

Rate your ability to teach others.

3 Answers

as far as students go I see myself on a scale of 1 to 10 as about a 7. I use a lot of repetition, the 'we do' approach, hands on learning, examples. As far as staff go, I am currently training a co-worker and I think he is on a level of about 7. I explain the steps as well as what may be helpful based on experience. I saw him take initiative at the end of the day with the student. Last year at the afterschool program I took the initiative to show another new staff member things such as the routines of the program Less

on a scale of 1 to 10 I see myself as a 7. I started with a new student who seems to be struggling in many areas. I am doing plenty of hand over hand coaching and have started seeing small results in only 2 weeks. His mom told me he's doing a lot better. I am currently working as a Reading Partner volunteer in Melrose 2x/wk and have slowly started noticing improvements in my student. She is remembering definitions better. She was able to give very good character descriptions today Less

On a scale of 1 to 10 I would say 7. I started with a new student and already his mom is very happy with me. She says her son likes working with me. He is having trouble with counting money so I am doing more of a 'we do' approach and he has already started getting better in counting by 10's for the dimes. As a current RP volunteer, I see my student doing better. First she couldn't remember what infer meant but after I had her write down the meaning and repeat it with me she now gives an excellent answer when asked what it means Less


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

3 Answers

I hope to become a mentor to other teachers by using my experiences from what I’ve read and seen through a sub job with an another afterschool program I will be able to get training to not only be better at academic instruction but also at managing behavior and interacting with kids emotionally Less

Yes I will be able to survive as I already have a morning part time job, tutor on the side, am involved in the family business on the weekends and am frugal with spending money Less

Will you be able to survive on the stipend?

University Health Network

Tell me about yourself.

3 Answers

My name is ...., I have been registered dietitian for 19 years in Brasil. I’m married and have an 11 years old son. We decided to come to Canada to give my son a different experience. Also,,I’m having so, since I’m studying again. Less

My name is Tatiana, I’m married and have a son. I came from Brazil last year so I could study and give my son a different experience. Add to it, learning a new language and know how is living in a different country with a diversity of people is being a wonderful and challenge experience. Less

I’ve been a registered dietitian for 19 years. At this time I could experience many different positions in different jobs and this let me gain experience and knowledge. I also volunteered in three different places as a dietitian. The volunteer work made me learn how to deal with people with kindness. Less

Reading Partners

Can you describe an instance when you struggled in the workplace and how you overcame it

3 Answers

Last year in an afterschool program I was having discipline problems with the 4th grade class. I heard they had 3 different academic teachers since the year started. My coworker and myself talked about it and I tried to say to the kids that we would make the place a safe one because if kids feel safe they are easier to work with. I told them they were loved unconditionally. They interpreted it as no one loves you. I explained to them in front of the site coordinator and program director I said unconditional. The parents were no longer mad Less

last year I was an instructor in an afterschool program and it was my first time handing a large number of students. It made me realize the importance of class routines and student management as well as multitasking. When I had an opportunity to serve as a substitute one day at Superstars Literacy I learned a great deal about class management. Thus the next time I have a large class I plan to have an opening/closing circle, a talking object for students to answer questions, having students line up prior to class only allowing those who are ready to enter and certain stopping points for the line when they are outside. Additionally, I plan to have 5 minute transitions to go from one activity to the next Less

last year I was an afterschool program instructor managing 16 students. It made me more aware of the importance of having a class routine and student management techniques in place. When I had the opportunity to serve as a substitute at Superstars Literacy I gained many good tips on class management. Next time I have my own class I want to have opening/closing circle, talking tools, a line order, allowing students in the class only when they're ready to learn, a seating arrangement, class rules set up prior to starting class. Last year I was working in a tutoring center that emphasized high level math which I found I couldn't do. I would review the topics on my own time using the web and now I am tutoring 6th graders in math and we both listen to math videos together so we can both gain a good understanding of the topic and I also find myself remembering the concepts from last year and teaching the students shortcuts Less

Buckner Retirement Services

Why do you want to be in the Hospice business?

3 Answers

I said it was because I felt called by God to serve people. I do feel that way but I also could have given a better answer or elaborated on this calling of mine. Less

My daddy died with it.

Just helping the elderly

YMCA of Greater Toronto

Why do you want to volunteer with YMCA?

3 Answers

I like to work with you people

Young men Christian Associations

Because I have cleaning, washing skills and I like to clean everything.


What is my biggest weakness?

2 Answers


Over worrying which makes me get started on the job sooner so I can get it done sooner Less


Explain your comfort level with dealing with people 55 and older.

2 Answers

(my position was with an organization that dealt primarily with 55 and older people) I was honest about how I probably lacked the experience that most people had due to the fact that all of my grandparents passed when I was young, but that my father was now in that category. I explained what I knew about their hesitance towards new technologies like email & web. I mentioned that it would be a welcome experience for me. Less

I’ve dealt with a lot of elderly people as a hospital volunteer so I’m comfortable with all sorts of people Less


Previous work experience

2 Answers

Did home health care taking care of my aunt and uncle he had Alzheimer's she had dementia took care of my husband through Cancer Treatments I worked in nursing homes I worked Eastern State Hospital over a. Of 40 years Less

I helped my mom ( had a list of different medical conditions)with some things that she had a hard time doing physically. I also took care of my dad( who had COPD) after my mom passed away in 2007. My dad passed away 1/8/19. Emo also have 2yrs+ experience in housekeeping. Even I'm not a certified CNA I do have the experience. I've been job searching for over a month to find a job. I haven’t worked in a nursing facility yet I do have the experience, understanding and knowledge for either position. Less

North York General Hospital
Volunteer was asked...December 23, 2015

Tell me about yourself.

2 Answers

Prepare your elevator speech for any kind of interview.

As a proven Healthcare Administrator, I offer a track record of success in directing support services and managing fast paced office operations. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated strong organizational and communication skills with the ability to concurrently direct multiple business affairs. I leverage management skills and business acumen to create and maintain high levels of efficiency, quality, and productivity from my teams/departments. I have also assisted all managerial level executives including highly qualified and experienced doctors in making a full commitment to patient education and satisfaction I plan to be a part of an esteemed organization and serve the same with loyalty and conviction. Hoping this will help me achieve great heights in my career. Less

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