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Software Engineer Interview Questions in Waco, TX

Software engineers write programs to design and develop computer software. Interviews are highly technical, so come ready to work through coding problems and math brainteasers. The specific questions you are asked will depend on what type of programming position you are looking for. Try researching a specific software discipline such as web development, application development, or system development.

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What's the difference between overloading and overriding?

1 Answer

I answered overriding correctly but blanked on overloading (it was early morning and I was very nervous). I wanted to use this question as an example, though: even if you screw up something super simple, the interviewers are people, not robots.

A system programing question about cleaning time schedule. The tester will give you some conditions like what is the frequency for each cleaning period. What is the start date and end date. If the last schedule goes outside the end date but within 15 days of the enddate you still need to schedule one cleaning on the end date. And also some conditions like how about if you start in one year and end in the next year.

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You could choose any language, they were string manipulation and math problems

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In C++ why would you use the syntax "if (null == x)"?

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