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They only asked questions that were clearly laid out in my resume. From my group interview, I overheard some questions to the line workers. Most potential employees did not have resumes, and had simple applications filled out. They were basically going down the application and asking people in person (legibility reasons?). There is a drug test required after you are offered a position, done off-site by a contracted company.

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It was a series of answers that were redundant, as if they are only checking to see if you wrote your resume, if you even had a resume. I performed my drug test off-site at a facility that specialized in drug tests. I could do a walk-in for the drug test. The facility was open normal business hours Monday through Friday.

no questions asked

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Asked to explain a time when I made mistakes on the job, and how it affected production.

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Tell me why we should hire you?

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Several times questions during the online assessment that ask the question based on certain facts but not a direct question that was given during the synopsis.

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If you asked somebody to sweep, how would you know they completed the task?

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We're looking to get rid of four people, would you be able to help us do that?

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Willingness to learn new things.

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If you were is "X" situation, what would you do and why.

Do you think you can do this job?

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