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Warehouse Worker Interview Questions

"Warehouse positions require employees to perform manual labor for long periods of time while adhering to strict safety regulations. In an interview, be prepared to answer questions about how you would stay focused throughout long shifts that may exceed eight hours as well as how you would prevent safety violations. As most warehouses operate around the clock, positions often require you to work night shifts and on weekends or holidays. You should also be aware that employers will want to know about any physical or mental health issues that may prevent you from performing the required work."

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Name a time you observed, or were involved in a safety related situation.

1 Answer

self explanatory.

Are you able to lift 50 lbs?

1 Answer

How well can you handle long hours? (12 or 10 hour shifts)

1 Answer

Previous warehouse experience.

2 Answers

Tell us about a time you made a mistake at work and how did you recover?

3 Answers

They take your previous work history and ask you random questions. For instance they asked how I would handle a specific situation regardless if it had ever happened or not in my former job.

1 Answer

How many days do you think are acceptable to take off in you first month of work?

1 Answer

What hours are you available to work?

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How do you see yourself in the Fastenal culture?

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This job requires a lot of standing and walking do you think you will be able todo that sometimes 12 hours during peak overtime?

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