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Warehouse Worker Interview Questions

"Warehouse positions require employees to perform manual labor for long periods of time while adhering to strict safety regulations. In an interview, be prepared to answer questions about how you would stay focused throughout long shifts that may exceed eight hours as well as how you would prevent safety violations. As most warehouses operate around the clock, positions often require you to work night shifts and on weekends or holidays. You should also be aware that employers will want to know about any physical or mental health issues that may prevent you from performing the required work."

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Tell us about a time you made a mistake at work and how did you recover?

3 Answers

I didn't have an incident that you would call a mistake. However, I did have a work habit that needed revision. Often, I would take on too many tasks at one time rather than delegate them to others. This caused others to feel that I didn't have faith in their ability to perform the tasks.

I don't have a work. But for me if i had a mistake of course i apologize to the manager,and ill make sure next time i will not do it again for any mistake i had.

I was a leader there for many years.....it doesn't matter what example you use......as long as it is work related this is what they want to hear..(in whatever personal story you have)... You can demonstrate accountability by owning up to your mistakes......everybody makes them so it's important you can recognize and learn from them. Also that once you have owned up to it what you have done t fix it and learn from it so it doesn't continue.

Previous warehouse experience.

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are you willing and able to stand for long periods of time (10 hours)

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What did you least like about your former position? Why should we hire you?

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General questions about work history.

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Can you start tomorrow?

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What does inventory shrinkage mean to you?

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Do you have any warehouse experience

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Why Did you want to work here?

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I think that I was asked if I could be an animal, then which animal would I choose to be?

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