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Interview questions in Warren, MI

General Motors Interviews in Warren

www.gm.com /  HQ: Detroit, MI

86 Interviews in Warren (of 1,101)

2.9 Average

Central Transport Interviews in Warren

www.centraltransport.com /  HQ: Warren

16 Interviews in Warren (of 54)

2.4 Easy

Financial Services of America Interviews in Warren

www.fsa1.com /  HQ: Warren

11 Interviews in Warren (of 15)

2.6 Average

Interview Questions in Warren

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selling the pen to the interviewing manager

1 Answer

used a sales pitch for the pen

how fast can you repair the equipment /tape /splice/weld anything!!!!

1 Answer

Describe a time when you had to tell someone a different answer than what actually occurred.

1 Answer

How can you benefit our company

1 Answer

Scenario based questions!

1 Answer

1) With no lead up, "How would you sell this pen?" 2) Have you sold insurance before? 3) Do you like to play euchre? Golf? Travel?

1 Answer

What are your strengths?

1 Answer

Any questions you have about the position?

1 Answer

Where do you see yourself in five years?

1 Answer

I would suggest asking your own questions during the "Q&A" phase of your interview. The questions you are asked aren't particularly difficult and you won't glean much information about the position from them. Instead, I recommend you focus on how the compensation programs work in detail. Specifically, you should inquire about the "draw" option and the stipulations that come with it. Of course if you are bringing your own clients with you, don't worry about asking questions.

1 Answer
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