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Associate Consultant Interview Questions in Washington, DC


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How many passengers leave JFK airport on a given day.

19 Answers

Not sure: approx. 100,000?

1.5 million

no matter if they are flying in or out, they all leave

how many cups of coffee does Starbucks sell in a day in USA?

1 Answer

Tell me about a time you had to make a difficult decision when the right answer wasn't obvious.

1 Answer

What is the difference between hubs, switches, and routers?

3 Answers

What attracted you to the company?

1 Answer

Are you good in math? Demonstrate.

1 Answer

Should employees be compensated based on performance?

1 Answer

during the all-day series of in-person interviews, one will include a market sizing opportunity based on limited financial data from competitors. Others may provide a several year financial history of a company along with intentionally vague details about competitors' current operations and market share. Within a 20-30 minute timeline, you are asked to develop a market growth strategy citing specific opportunities and areas for growth (e.g. new markets or products) that can help Company X beat competitors in the mid-to-long run

1 Answer

I was asked to share 2 experiences where I've failed at something