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Cloud engineer Interview Questions in Washington, DC


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Fixng misconfigured servers

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Describe a time when you disagreed with your boss?

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Basic questions for a solutions architect. What do you know about encryption? Also a lot of behavioral question and tell me about yourself questions.

Why Mathematica What is your learning methodology What were the challenges in your previous jobs Related to technical documentation Case study and related questions How do you deal with failure Do you like to work in a technical and non-technical environment Most of the questions from resume

How to create users in Active Directory? What are FSMO roles? Where is the Active Directory DB stored? How will you back up the AD DB? What is TCP / UDP? Examples of TCP / UDP – use What types of RAID are you familiar with? The minimum numbers of Drives required in Raid 5? How does the RAID 5 work? Quickly walk through the process of how to setup a Domain Controller 2008 R2 Is the process of setting up DC on 2012 different than 2008. Scenario 1: The user is unable to RDP to a machine. No idea whether its local / or VM. You have no access to the network. Walk through the steps. Scenario 2: The person, is unable to get on the internet, IP config shows 169. IP address. What will you do? Scenario 3: The person calls in saying that their computer randomly, shuts down, how can you help

Case study question on AWS Programmatic questions Questions specific to resume and why I chose particular methodology Describe the time you faced challenges and how did you tackle Do you prefer working with technical and non-technical managers? What is your methodology in learning new technology?

Describe a time when you had limited resources to complete a project before the deadline?