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Cyber security analyst Interview Questions in Washington, DC


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What sort of anomalies would you look for to identify a compromised system?

1 Answer

I used a whiteboard to draw out a basic network architecture including security technologies like IPS/IDS, Firewalls, AV, etc, and described the type of traffic and logs I could use to identify a compromised system.

How did you solve certain cyber security related problems in past organization and how would you address them coming into the company?

1 Answer

Interviewer wanted to ensure I was a fit for the role.

1 Answer

Why do you want to work here?

1 Answer

What are your salary expectation, etc.

1 Answer

RMF was the main focus / very technical /

1 Answer

Name the IP address classes.

4 Answers

What does your day look like, management style etc. Pretty boilerplate.

1 Answer

Do I like splunk

1 Answer

Calculate the number of free hosts.

3 Answers

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