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Restaurant Manager Interview Questions in Washington, DC

"As a restaurant manager, it's your job to ensure your customers have an enjoyable dining experience and receive exceptional customer service from your staff. In an interview, expect to answer questions about your management style, conflict resolution skills, and ability to meet guests' needs. It is helpful to have dined at that restaurant ahead of time so that you are familiar with its menu items and customer experience."

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if someone complain about bad service, how would you handle the situation?

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Apologize. listen to the guest. correct the situation, follow up with the guest to see that you have met and/or exceeded thier expectations.

Tell me a time when you had to motivate your team?

I was trying to transition into a role that was different from any management job I had held in the past, and they wanted a thorough explanation of why I wanted to make the change.

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What makes you the right fit for the job?

Are you ServSafe certified?

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Why Hooters? What do you have to bring to the table? What management experience do you have? What's a tense situation you were in and how did you solve the problem ?

Why do you think you struggle in (whatever you said your weaknesses are)?

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