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Server Interview Questions in Washington, DC

Restaurants count on servers to provide exceptional customer service regardless of the situation. Interviewers will be looking for candidates who are skilled in communicating, multitasking, and maintaining a friendly attitude under pressure. Make sure to be familiar with the restaurant's menu items, understand standard restaurant operations, and know how to respond to an unsatisfied customer.

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how old are you

4 Answers


This question as asked is ILLEGAL!! They can ask if your are 18 or older (or sixteen if the position allows someone that young) but they are not allowed to ask how old you are directly.


What can you do for the store and the food?

3 Answers

How much do you expect to make.

1 Answer

How would you react to a rude guest?

1 Answer

What do you do at your current job? Tell me about your experiences. What days and times can you work?

1 Answer

Have you been to Dave and Busters before?

1 Answer

How would you handle a customer who was upset with their meal?

1 Answer

Have you ever worked in a restaurant?

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself

1 Answer

With no expeience: What make you qualified for this position?

1 Answer
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