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Data Analyst In Washington, DC was asked...December 20, 2014

Many personality questions and situation based question (i.e. What would you do if you are in XYZ situation, how would you respond?) Tell me a time when you were in a difficult situation at work, how did you rectify the issue?

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The process ( security clearance aka background check ) can take anywhere from 6 months to a year. I have never heard of someone working in a newly hired position while the background is in process (Best answer: No) Less

I've been told by the company that it will only take 8-12 weeks for the background check Less

Did you have to have a personal interview with the background investigator?

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Inter-Con Security

Is there any reason why you should be denied of a Top Secret Clearance?

2 Answers

Lot of reasons, issues regarding loyalty integrity discretion morals and character.. Less


James Hardie Building Products

Who's going to win the Heisman Trophy?

2 Answers

They were probably just trying to make you feel comfortable. Why not be thankful for these type of interviewers. Less

I flew all the way out here to talk about the job, not football.

Dollar Tree

Why I wanna work there

1 Answers

With the best of my potential and putting it all on focusing on surpassing the facility as I work there. Less


Tell me about an experience in which you faced unexpected challenges? How did you overcome these difficulties?

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Personal story regarding an internship assignment in which the prime goals of the assignment were altered dramatically toward the end of my teams preparation. Less


There are Christan crosses on open display. Do I have an issue with that?

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I have one hanging on my neck.


Tell me what you know about the financial services industry?

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I am aware of the basics of financial services and know how regulated they are, especially after the financial crisis. Less


What do you feel is a flaw that prevents you from working with other people?

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Sometimes I can be upset about something that happened in the past but I immediately try to push it aside and use feedback to get better Less

The Brattle Group

Past experiences dealing with data, questions about econometric projects and experiences in a team setting

Council on Foreign Relations

What is an issue you think that is not in the press currently but will become a big issue 6 months from now.

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