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Are you a people person. Are you a good fit for the company brand and VP

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They are going to ask questions from your resume. Be prepared to talk about it but put it in a story format.

You have to understand we are in a negative economy with too many applicants. It is definitely an employer's market, not an applicant-market. Meaning that yes, the odds of you getting hired depends mostly (besides your qualifications, most applicants can and could do the job) on the hiring personnel and your "brand". First, the hiring personnel is going to stereotype the living hell out of you. Say you have a White female and a Black female interviewing a White, executive-type, with an MBA and plenty of experience vs. a less qualified Black female, but one that could easily perform the duties of the position, then the Black female wins every time, period! If you really think they care about your MBA or background at being an expert your sadly mistaken. Next, your "brand" means everything. Say the two female interviewers were very easily hired many years ago when it was mandatory to hire them (because of hiring quotas) and now they are IN CHARGE do you really think your "executive brand means anything to them? Nadda, not, zip. They will just be looking for a FIT. They figure your executive brand has ruled the roost long enough, and you will only be allowed to enter over their dead bodies! Lastly and not mentioned yet, most good or great federal job listings are not publically announced, they don't have to be. Title 5 allows for internal direct hire, meaning no interviews, etc. Your name is John, you're part of the club, there is an opening at the 65k/year level, and you just got the job. In that case, it doesn't matter at all what the two female interviewers have to say! You see, both hiring sides know how to play the game, it just depends on where you are at the time of hire, as to your chances of getting in or getting promoted. I was at Chalmer's P. Wylie Ambulatory Care Center in Columbus Ohio and I saw all of this, so yes it's true no matter what anyone tells you. If you're black, female, transgender, then by all means apply and you'll most likely be joining the machine and be given the directive to report to work on Monday morning for orientation.

How do you multitask?

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Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years

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Nothing difficult asked. It was more of a brief "shoot the breeze" type of talk.

Discuss a time when you had to make a difficult decision and how did you handle it?

Describe a situation where you had a difficult client and how you handled it.

What would I do in certain situation, what type of software are you willing to learn. Office organizational skills.

The most difficult decision was to explain why I would be more qualified and better than other candidates.