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Teacher Interview Questions in Washington, DC

In addition to showing passion for education, teacher candidates must demonstrate a variety of interpersonal skills including communication, problem solving, and patience. In an interview, be prepared to give an example of a lesson plan, discuss classroom-appropriate behavior, or explain how you would exercise disciplinary action in an uncooperative situation.

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You don't have any experience teaching so how do you expect to teach? (She meant no experience teaching English, which she clarified when I answered fairly sarcastically due to my rich history with teaching).

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I have a lot of experience teaching x, y and z. (After she clarified since she was stupid): I believe my rich teaching history speaks to my ability to teach a variety of subjects, and I have experience teaching a language, specifically Spanish. The skills transfer fairly well.

I'm not surprised you didn't get a offer. You sound increasingly rude and disrespectful not the interviewer.

I think you're confusing "rude" with "bitter." Either way, I'm not going to show respect toward someone who doesn't show it toward me. In retrospect, I answered the question seriously, saying that I've taught a lot of subjects, including a language. After she clarified that she meant teaching English specifically, I questioned in my head why she phrased the question in the way she did, but answered as though I was the one who made the mistake. If you take the time to get salty and comment on a Glassdoor interview question where, at the end of the day, the original poster is just trying to share their experience (rude on their end or otherwise), you're definitely gonna struggle through the interview if you had this "bad cop" that I did. Good luck bud.

If you taught the lesson two days in a row and students still didn't pass the exit ticket, what would you do?

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What was your hardest college course?

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If you and a coworker had a disagreement while class is going on how would you handle it?

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How do you involve families?

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Repetitive Questions were mostly about data

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What are my qualifications and why am I interested in working here?

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What's your 'why' for wanting to work with inner city youth?

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How do you deal with students who may be frequently truant? What interventions would you put in place for them?

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Il n'y avait pas un grand entretien. J'ai posé ma candidature en remplissant une application archi-détaillée, avec beaucoup de questions qui pourraient vues en tant que des questions posées pendant un entretiens

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