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deVere Group
Trainee Wealth Advisor was asked...March 8, 2016

Sell this pen to me 1-1 exercise was difficult.

3 Answers

Didn't really have much of an answer except general selling skills, make sure you keep talking and don't have an awkward silence. Less

Hello, just wondering whether you have had a contract come through yet? That is if you are still taking the job? We were probably at the same assessment centre in February Less

Hey, Yeah taking it at the moment. You get the contract as soon as you arrive in Malta, but they should have sent you an identical contract for you to read through. Less

deVere Group

List the following in your order of priority; Money, Ambition and Travel.

2 Answers

Ambition --> Money --> Travel

Money, Ambition and Travel

deVere Group

Why should we choose you over the rest of the candidates

2 Answers

One of your greater strenghts

Do they cover travel costs?

UBL Fund Managers

past experience and education,etc

1 Answers

as true in my history and document

CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen)

"Ask any questions you want" barely asked anything about me and I had to come up with all the questions.

1 Answers

I asked them lots of questions about the company.


Are you competitive

1 Answers

Answered it how I felt fit

deVere Group

Curve ball: why are tennis balls fuzzy? How am I going to remember you?

1 Answers

I answered the curve ball question very scientifically and spoke about how it helps they players perform better. Less

deVere Group

What motivated you to apply for this position?

1 Answers

International exposure, challenging nature of the position.

deVere Group

What do you think will be the biggest challenge you will face?

1 Answers

Phone call with Mark Reed

NatWest Group

What made you want to work for Natwest

1 Answers

Natwest cares for their employees appealed to me

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