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Basically wanted to hard sell a client on first contact which is not something I was interested in.

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Went through my discovery process which is not a close I set that up during discovery and always win so they are just looking for former transactional people who pretend to be something else

What is the most complex financial plan you’ve put together

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To describe a recent interaction with a prospect that I converted to a client.

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How good are you're people skills?

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Are you competitive

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Differentiation from other candidates

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Questions focused on how outgoing you are.

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Walk me through your wealth management process ?

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All questions were based on a model of providing examples of a time when you... After getting through the recruiters, I was involved in several role plays with Directors and Regional Directors that seemed to be very intensive and exhausting. In the end, they are looking for candidates who are comprehensive in their sales process and ask a lot of good open ended questions and dive into background and stay on topics, asking for more information and further details.

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Where do you see your business in 5 or 10 years

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