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What do you like about a sales atmosphere?

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Sales gives you the motivation to work hard and increase your earning potential. The fact that you ultimately can control how much you earn is very desirable. If you work soley on a base salary you have no incentive to work hard or get the job done. When you are working on a salary and commission basis then you have the stability of a paycheck with the ability to earn much more. This is why sales is the best and why I work better in a sales environment.

Tell me about a time you resolved an issue with a difficult customer

Tell me about a time where you had a conflict with another co-worker, how did you resolve it?

tell me something that is not on your resume that you think I should know about you.

How would you define Asset Management? Wealth Management? What distinguishes you from the other candidates? The group activity was difficult given the inability to prepare/practice for it.

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