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The easy questions were everything from, "tell me about a time you had to be a leader" to harder ones like a scenario where "you have a client that wants to invest $10 million dollars how do you invest it for him?" prepare for follow on questions to this question which is a good sign.

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It depends on there age, goals, risk tolerance and investment objectives, but I would start with tax free municipal bonds since they are in a high tax bracket and near retirement.

If you were a trader and were the only person who could trade on 9/11/2001, what would you buy and what would you sell?

What's something you have done that benefits the comminity and neighborhood the most?

Tell me a time when you were under a lot of stress, how did you deal with it?

Why do you want to work for AXA Advisors and why should I hire you?

What classes I have taken that interest me the most. The personality assessment.

What do you know about UBS and why does that make you want to work for UBS.

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