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What software tools do you use?

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How long have you been a web analyst?

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The usual questions, tedious and rigorous overall-but good, no complaints. I enjoyed the process-nice people.

What is MVC, advantages of using MVC, what is SQL Server, stored procedures, advantages of stored procedures, what is primary key, surrogate key, association key, what is dimensions and measures in BI.

Can you give explicit examples of when you worked with difficult coworkers?

Can you tell me what the 5 following SQL queries do? (Assessing your SQL knowledge)

What type of feedback has your boss given you?

Describe a situation that was causing you stress at your job and detail how you resolved it.

What's your strangeness and weakness? Do you know our company? Talk about your previous work experience.

Trying to remember the question exactly... Something like: Soroka has a banana stand. In her first month, she sells 200 bananas at $0.10 profit per banana. In her second month, how many bananas does she need to sell- so that the combined average from the first and second month is $0.16 per banana?

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