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How many gas stations are there in Grand Rapids?

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They were more interested in the process of figuring out a solution rather than the solution itself.

What is MVC, advantages of using MVC, what is SQL Server, stored procedures, advantages of stored procedures, what is primary key, surrogate key, association key, what is dimensions and measures in BI.

If a team member came to you with a question that you could not answer -- in a field you have no background in -- what would you do?

What is your background/experience in this profession? What do you think you would like about working for this company?

What are some examples of search engine marketing related business results you've delivered for clients in the past?

What was the most challenging project you worked on in a computer science course? How did you overcome some of the challenges throughout this project

What do you do to keep up with the frequent changes to search engine algorithms?

Most of the questions were about individual's experiences and skills. They judge your technical questions based on how well you do the coding exercises.

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