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Sell me this pen

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This was interesting as it was a question I may have thought was too cliche but it caused me to think on my feet and allowed me to show my personality.

All the questions are based on "in this situation, what did you do or how did you react?"

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What was a conflict with a customer you've experience and how did you remedy the situation?

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The hardest question to me was that they all asked similar questions, so as not to repeat myself I had to come up with different scenarios for the same question for each interview.

Tell me of a time when you were asked to perform a duty that was not one of your requirements and how you administered that duty

Why do I want to work for Lowes?

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They ask you about how would you handle certain situations regarding team work and customer service. As you give you answers, the manager writes notes on her note pad. I was asked about 10 different situation questions. There is no right or wrong question. Just how you handle yourself in certain situations.

tell me a time when you accidently told a customer incorrect information then realized you were wrong after they walked off. How did you respond and what actions did you complete

What would you do in this situation. Name a time when you had to adjust to a hard task.

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