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describe a major challenge you have faced in your professional career , how did you manage it and what was the outcome of that challenege?

Using out of date language and processes to base the interview discussion made the interview long and awkward.. The person being interviewed needs to be comfortable asking questions in order to figure out what people conducting the interview are asking . The most complicated part of the interview was being polite and not correcting the errors in the interview questions. None of the people interviewing understood or had a back ground in metallurgy or welding. Had to use very simple answers that did not show or support that I was competent in my trade/ profession.

What would your former employers say about you?

The worst problem

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Give me a complex situation where you had to make a decision that could have two ways to reach that outcome and why you chose that option.

Relevant training, and a couple technical questions related to spot welding. One thing that stood out was they asked what kind of animal I would be.

Mention how you made an invention and went about implementing it?

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