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Interview questions in West Hills, CA

Quest Diagnostics Interviews in West Hills

www.questdiagnostics.com /  HQ: Secaucus, NJ

10 Interviews in West Hills (of 426)

2.7 Average

One Call Interviews in West Hills

www.onecallcm.com /  HQ: Jacksonville, FL

5 Interviews in West Hills (of 57)

3.0 Average

Ulta Beauty Interviews in West Hills

www.ulta.com /  HQ: Bolingbrook, IL

4 Interviews in West Hills (of 1,166)

2.2 Easy

Interview Questions in West Hills

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How did you prepare for this interview with our Company?

1 Answer

To prepare I reviewed the company website and also reviewed interview Q & A's online. After this response, I was asked "is that all?" Really? Not sure what else could I have done?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

1 Answer

There weren't any unexpected questions. I did ask the lady givng my microtomy exam if she liked it there and she said, "the money's good, but everything else kind sucks." That should have been a hint!!!

1 Answer

How would you handle a difficult or upset customer?

1 Answer

Anything you dislike about your last employer?

1 Answer

I did not feel like there were any! Everything was pretty straight forward with the questions. If I had to name one: I see that you were in the Marine Corps 13 years ago, Do you like to wait to be told what to do, or do you take initiative on your own? Me thinking: Really? People in the military do follow orders, but they sure as heck take initiative to make sure the job gets done too. Another bad rap that military people get.

1 Answer

What do you know about SEO?

1 Answer

they wanted to know about me so

1 Answer

What is the worst thing your former co-workers would say about you?

Why Sprouts?

1 Answer
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