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what is the difference between a presentation and

bad hiring policy and decisions.

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Basically these two methods of teaching are the same it is just a matter of how the audience learns...leading a group is not that hard if you believe in the products and services you offer...

I believe that GC as a chain, prefers one method over the other, but I have not seen a major difference in the efficacy of either method in training or retaining dedicated driven staff. The competency of the policy dictated method might be better measured by the actual attrition rate of employees in GC...just food for thought. The way GC does things is very prohibitive for career growth beyond store manager positions.

 I think they need to rethink the whole hiring process of corporate and stop being so picky about pushing the educational degrees behind a persons name ( as a selection or promotion factor). Example: I have known many successful managers who would be great GM or corporate material who have only experience --no college...I also know some marginal to crappy managers who have degrees like MBA's. The degree doesn't make them successful-- their hands-on knowledge is what give them the skills needed to do the best job. Another example my last owner had a BA... but over the period of a few years has run every store they manage into to the crap pot. Out of a number of stores they have only 2 viable ones but they at one point has a dozen. Her BA degree obviously never gave her the skills to spot market trend and adapt so that she could be a business success. She has recruited talented managers but inhibits them from performing their duties which would have helped in saving her bottom line. Now her stores are all in peril and I assume corporate is banging their heads on the brick wall asking "why"...

You can pay for an education but you can't pay for experience based success and if you measure the two up --experienced managers will do better than educated ones. A better indicator of success is how they perform year- to-year in the chain when they are dealing with consumer based issues and market driven variables that effect income revenue stream. That is how you test the true worth of a manager...(long term proven success --seen in the QSR's and monthly numbers and P/L summations).. you don't look for a college degree and pick someone based upon that factor!

Interview Candidate on Dec 2, 2011

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