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Do Not Showup , I made a big mistake to join this company as the Senior Infrastructure Engineer, there is nothing senior about the job. I thought my previous company was worst but this is close.

the more I work at datapipe the more I want to leave this place

Do not work for Datapipe they lie and very political especially in the HK office

Assume that you are given the head and tail pointers of a doubly linked list where each node can also have a single child pointer to another similar doubly linked list. There are no cycles in this structure outside of the traditional double links. Write a procedure in C++ that flattens this structure into a single list.

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What's the underlying technology/development that permits multi-core processors to exist?

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"What is sysprep, and how is it used in an everyday computer enviornment?"

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What do you think your salary should be?

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Tell us about a time when you had a conflict with a fellow employee and had to go through other layers of management to resolve it.

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Write a procedure in C that reverses the letters of a null-terminated string. Then write another procedure in C that reverses the words of a null-terminated sentence.

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Sell yourself. Sell Sell Sell. They ask all the typical q's about bad customer support, good customer support, difficult coworkers or customers, etc etc. A lot of "why should we hire you?" "why do you want to work here?"

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I was asked by the hiring manager to provide an example when I had to break the rules at work.

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Explain the FSMO roles in Active Directory.

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